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PTO members, we are excited to be sharing a volunteer opportunity with you. On December 13, 2022 we will be hosting a Holiday event from 4:00pm-6:00pm. This event is for Pre-k through 5th grade students only. We need your support in creating memories for our students.

 We will have a total of 6 volunteer opportunities:1. Hallway decorating- Decorate the hallway outside of the library with Mrs. Villarreal the Friday before the event. Time is flexible to your convenience. 2. Photo backdrop- setting up a photo backdrop for all families to use. Photo backdrop set-up should be ready by 3:20 so set-up would be during school hours (anytime between 8-3pm). The backdrop is encouraged to relate to our gingerbread theme. Options can include: balloons, streamers, vinyl backdrops, your imagination is encouraged. 3. Gingerbread house- checking families in, distributing gingerbread packs and setting up the participation tables. 4. Hot Chocolate Sale- setting up and selling hot chocolate 5. Craft-Assisting in setting up supplies needed/monitoring the usage of supplies.6. General cleanup- assisting in the cleanup of the event

If you're able to volunteer, please use the following link to sign up:

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